Bilgin Steel Co. Ltd. is a company which is providing a range of steel construction consultancy services to construction, industrial, and commercial companies to increase their business performance, productivity and efficiency. We provide expert advice on the steel construction systems design, install and erection of civil construction projects, covering all types of residential and commercial construction, particularly in the area of large, building projects. We make expert advice structural steel assessments of buildings for construction, evaluating the structural, environmental and commercial feasibility of future projects.
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Following the assessment process, we help our clients by creating detailed drawings, plans and schedules and estimate the cost of the systems' design, install, erection and engineering work required.

We also direct contractors to periodically monitor site activities to ensure that project is progressing according to planned schedules and budgets. We make sure that all the systems activities meet quality standards and comply with statutory and regulatory requirements. Wel also be responsible for resolving any issues and problems arising onsite, offering expert advice, closing out any possible gaps and addressing any unforeseen risks.
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services Design Assist/Consulting We offer a range of consulting services that facilitate the design process, enable problems to be resolved early in the design process, and allow main material to be ordered much earlier. We help engineer safety into the fabrication process, recommend changes in design that help save labour cost, discuss options to pre-assemble parts and pieces in the fabrication shop, and ultimately save time and money in the field. We offer our clients a wide range of services, from initial feasibility studies, through concept design, budgeting, detailed design and tender documentation, construction site monitoring, cost control, commissioning and handover of the completed systems.
services Project Consultancy We offer project consultation by coordinating architectural layout projects with space frame roof or steel constructions, develops structural designs by doing structural analysis, addresses the related details and offers the total structural solution to the project owner and/or the client.
services Steel Construction Systems Production Consulting We aimed ourself as a partner to developers, general contractors and private customers. From complete design-bid-build services to simple metal fabrication for smaller applications, We illustrate our capacity for excellence in a myriad of ways. Our Mission the go-to resource for design, manufacturing, erection and steel products, encompassing every phase of our client's project to ensure the final results exceed even their highest expectations. We provide our clients various consulting services for the steel fabrications projects. We be with our clients' projects from start to finish ensuring the project is completed correctly and thoroughly.
services Structural Steel Assembly Consulting We iare expert with erection of pre-engineered steel buildings safely, efficiently and to the highest possible standards and are experienced in large clear spans and complex buildings of any size, whether it be commercial or heavy industrial.

Consulting services include:
Resolution of disputes regarding steel construction quality or practises, Resolution of bolt installation and inspection issues, Review of project details or specifications related to steel construction assembly works, Technical documentation preparation and review
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